Double End Tenoners

Weinig Profi Shape

Double End Tenoners Weinig Profi Shape

There are many different profiles on the market nowadays. What’s more, the profiles display a high degree of complexity.

In order to meet the increasing number of profile requirement, the double-end tenoner has to be an excellent timber processing machine for longitudinal and transverse profiling as well as displaying a high level of versatility.

Your line should be able to react quickly to the continuously changing market. The ProfiShape meets all your needs and provides your production with a wealth of infinite possibility that can achieved, among other things, by using the following units: Scoring unit, hogger, double hogger, shaping unit for tongue and groove profiles, shaping units in synchronized and counter rotation, operational control for shaping units, compact switch shaping unit, drilling units (vertical and horizontal), servo-controlled units or special units for your specific application. Learn More